Evan Williams

Evan Williams, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Pottery
I see functional pottery as a field in which to play. I strive to make pots that function well and have grace and beauty while doing so. I feel that a pot which functions well invites appreciation of simple beauty merely through its repeated use.

Meredith Mann

As an Artist and Anthropologist, I feel accomplished if my work has an ancient artifact feel to it. I want my pieces to tell a story, like it was just dug from the Earth after 1000 years.

Polly Whitcomb

While not deliberately evoking the Southwest in my pottery, the style and colors took on a flavor of that area. Here, I am gradually shifting to softer colors and designs more resonant with this part of the country. I enjoy working with color, pattern, and texture, as well as playing with the form of a piece.

Harold Kaplan

I love making pots and am so glad it is how I make my living. It is a great feeling to transform masses of clay into pieces that will be used for every day and special events.

Elizabeth Saslaw

Elizabeth Saslaw, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Pottery
I love the beauty and functionality of stoneware. In addition to its sturdiness, it is perfect for embellishment. The shapes and colors of my pottery echo what I see in the gardens and woods around my home.

George Gonzalez

George Gonzalez, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Pottery
As an artist, I see myself as an alchemist or shaman, manifesting new forms with my hands from earth, water and fire. I use magical and sacred symbols to adorn my work representing transcendence to the sacred and the invocation of deeper meaning in all things around us.