I enjoy exploring the landscape and it's components. I find the variations in light, form, texture, and color that the elements of a landscape offer fascinating, with endless possibilities to study and observe.
-Jon Olsen

Jon Olsen captures the abstract beauty found in nature. By seeking out specific weather conditions and using a slow shutter speed, he achieves a softness to his photographs that can make viewers wonder whether they are looking at a print, watercolor, or photograph. He does all of his effects with his camera rather than manipulating his photographs digitally. Unlike other photographers, he prints his photographs on watercolor paper, which lends a unique texture to his pictures.

In Spring Oak, Olsen lets the oak tree take center stage. The leaves are just beginning to return, allowing the craggy branches to b e seen through them. The return of the leaves and the verdant foreground reinforces the hopeful rebirth of nature after a long winter.

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