The realization of this lifelong dream is something I'm truly grateful for. I went from being a young, slightly unfocused college art student who casually stumbled into pottery—to a committed potter in love with the feel of wet, slippery clay between my fingertips. The rhythmic process of slapping a lump of clay on the wheel and coaxing each piece into shape is still something that enthralls and challenges me, even 30-plus years later...I thank all you supporters of York Hill Pottery, who continue to buy, use, and give our handmade Vermont stoneware. And my very special thanks to Susan Kuehnl: my work would not be what it is today without her friendship, understanding, and artistic inspiration.

-Elizabeth Saslaw

Each piece of pottery in the flagship line is hand-thrown on the wheel by Elizabeth Saslaw and hand-painted by Susan Kuehnl, whose fine mastery of Oriental brushes lends the Dragon Fly pattern it's elegant flair. On the east side of York Hill Pottery’s one-room studio, Elizabeth throws and trims the pottery items on an electric wheel. On the west side of the studio, Susan formulates and applies glazes, and paints on the decorative brushwork. In the middle of the studio stand two electric kilns; Susan manages the loading, while Elizabeth takes care of the weekly firing.

This piece measures 7 inches tall with a 5.5 inch diameter at the opening.

1.00 lb.
5.00in. × 5.00in. × 7.00in.