Carroll Shatney had a way with animals, be they pit bulls or Scottish Highlanders. And he was young and could he run! He sure could. “I was damn fool enough to tell a neighbor I could catch his wild heifers. Farmers would turn out the heifers in the spring and not pay a helluva lot of attention to them until the fall. Then they became so wild they couldn't be caught so they had me run them down. That was hard work, chasing them through the puckerbrush."

From "A Lifetime of Vermont People" p 48.

In celebration of his new book, and Frog Hollow sponsored book tour of Vermont libraries, Peter has created a series of prints from "A Lifetime of Vermont People" featuring some of his most iconic images, both old and new. Each image is signed by the artist and sold matted and unframed.

The Carroll Shatney image measures 11x15" and is matted to fit a 16x20" frame.

1.00 lb.
20.00in. × 1.00in. × 16.00in.