"Blossom Light" completes the "Light Suite." This commemorates that time in May when apple trees are in bridal bloom, dandelions punctuate the neon green fields, and late maple buds are still pink on the hilltops awaiting their turn to leaf out. On a couple of late afternoons, I drove over to North Pomfret to admire and draw the Hewittville neighborhood looking north and this is the result.
-Sabra Field

In Blossom Light, Sabra Field captures the verdant rolling hills of North Pomfret. The variety of greens and smattering of blossoms in the print convey the vibrancy and promise of spring. Additionally, the zigzagging foliage and barns draws the viewer's eyes across the print and into the valley.

Unlike Field's other suites, Light Suite does not have a predetermined order. She tied the prints together by theme rather than a design that carries across the suite, giving collectors the freedom to arrange and rearrange the suite at will.

The print measures 15 x 10 inches. Matted for Frog Hollow, measures 20 x 16 inches. With a black frame, the piece measures 21.25 x 17.25 inches, and 1.25" deep.

Please note: All of our Sabra Fields are custom matted and shipment may be delayed slightly depending on availability of these prints within our gallery. Every effort is made to fill our orders as quickly as possible and we communicate with our clients as to the status of all orders.

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