Monica Raymond

Monica Raymond, Frog Hollow VT Wood Artist
I believe that the finest furniture is handcrafted with great attention to every detail, and that the strength of the relationship between the maker, the design, and the wood is evident in the final product. My goal is to create objects that are pleasing to the eye, a joy to use, and still in service long after I am gone.

Doug Clarner
By using interesting woods and adding details and subtle curves, I attempt to create a clean, refined piece that pays respect to the shaker traditions while incorporating unique elements.

Alan Stirt
My work has always been concerned with exposing the invisible. My early pieces used simple forms to reveal the grain patterns of the wood - the interior structure of a tree. My recent work shares these concerns but also seeks to reveal patterns that resonate with my interior life.

Timothy Waite

Timothy Waite, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Wood Works
My work has evolved as my skills have grown. I plan on that evolution to continue. Evolution is crucial to longevity. Balance is too. Balance between function and form, strength and finesse, skill and sense, time-honored tradition and new direction.

David Hurwitz
Wood can be a very sensual medium, depending on the approach and how it is used. While I was trained in traditional methods of furniture construction and joinery and apply those methods in my designs, my main interest and focus in my work is an exploration of form. To achieve this, each of my pieces involve some amount of carving and shaping, which I do through the use of both hand and power tools. In some of my pieces, I like to explore different textures and surface treatments, sometimes using paint over those surfaces. When designing my furniture pieces, I strive for a dynamic interaction between the elements of the overall design - how the various forms relate to each other and how negative space works with the overall piece. I like my work to project a warm presence that is inviting to the user.

Richard Haver
Artist Statement
What drives me to make furniture is the feeling of satisfaction and capability I get from producing a beautiful and complex object from rough amorphous materials.