Suzanne LeGault

Suzanne LeGault, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Printmaking
I have worked as an illustrator and printmaker for many years. As much as I enjoy drawing and painting, there is nothing that compares to screen printing. For me it is the perfect medium for interpreting the world around me. I love to take what I see and break it down into defined shapes of color, pattern, and texture.

Casey Blanchard
Can art create a resonance and increased awareness of ones own personal and collective human experience? Can it make a difference in the journey? I can offer a small step, a step that can encourage reflection, exploration, and a connection to meaning. That connection is what inspires me.

William Hays
My appreciation for the world that surrounds us is profound. In my studio, I stand at the podium of my press and with each print express my appreciation and gratitude. The simplicity of carving linoleum is a meditation on positive and negative, transparency and opacity, contrasts and harmony. The challenges of multicolor printing are a slow motion drama that unfolds one step at a time, each step taking days to accomplish. I've taken on the pace of this commitment to a single image with pleasure and love.

Daryl Storrs

Daryl Storrs, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Jewelry, VT Printmaking
My inspiration is all around me in the Vermont landscape. I enjoy the reflective time between conception, drawing, plate development, printing and painting. I always liked printmaking because there is the visual aspect, but it is also quite physical.

Carol MacDonald

Carol MacDonald, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Printmaking
I am interested in the use of repetition and process in healing and nurturing our spirits in this age of instant technology and the million distractions that become our day, our week, our life. Machines have replaced many of the ways we used to have to slow down and hear our own voice. I notice in my life a yearning for space, both physical and mental and time to breathe, reflect and consider.

Sabra Field

Sabra Field, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Printmaking
I began making prints with Butch Limbach at Wesleyan University in 1958, and I’ve been making them in Vermont for over 30 years. My place is my subject matter. My heroes go back to the landscapists of Hellenistic Greece.