CJ Hockett

CJ Hockett, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Photography
The Focus of my photography is creating iconic images of wildlife that stimulate one’s imagination resulting in an increased awareness and a sense of responsibility for our wildlife and their habitat. As a visual artist, photographer, and print maker I strive to reduce nature to its most basic elements to produce images with a degree of abstract realism.

Jon Olsen

Jon Olsen
I enjoy exploring the landscape and it's components. I find the variations in light, form, texture, and color that the elements of a landscape offer fascinating, with endless possibilities to study and observe. I seem to always be drawn to the pastoral and simplicity in design.

Victoria Blewer

Victoria Blewer, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Photography
I prefer to work with oil paints, because of the texture they lend to my work and because of the vibrant quality of oil colors. Many of the images I choose to hand-color are among my most surreal, and oils reinforce their dreamlike quality.

Tom Way

Tom Way, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Photography
I create images to feed my visual comprehension and attraction to the medium, not to please others or to sell photographs. I hope viewers experience the same physical resonance that I do—drawing them into the images and embodying connections to places, people, objects, form, shadow, highlight, and composition.

Megan Humphrey

Megan Humphrey, VT Crafts, Frog Hollow Artisan
I attribute my desire for making greeting cards to Captain Kangaroo. His was one of the few shows I was allowed to watch on TV when I was a child. I can still hear the sound of scissors through construction paper as Captain Kangaroo would cut out shapes for an art project from his shoebox filled with supplies. I LOVED that sound---it meant that another creation would be unfolding before my eyes.

I originally began to make cards for family and friends based on vintage Valentines that date to the 1890’s. Back then, cards were designed with layers of doilies, images, bits of ribbon, and embellishments. For many years, I made each card by hand with those precious Valentines in mind. Limitations of that process became apparent: each card took too long based on retail pricing, I couldn’t add a lovely button or bauble if I didn’t want to part with it quite yet, and letters are no longer hand-cancelled so pieces could be ruined in modern postal equipment.

These days, I set up a collage with a vintage postcard or image as the centerpiece and then take a photo. I make a color copy of the card and add a final touch of ribbon. I strive to maintain the three-dimensional look of those vintage Valentines. My collage-like greeting cards include most of the major holidays and life’s celebrations. In addition, I continue to expand my photography and linoleum-print card lines.

I have been a Frog Hollow artisan for 30 years. I appreciate the longevity of such a wonderful organization that showcases and encourages a community of artisans for the world to see.

John Geery

John Geery
Two things appeal to me most about my craft:  the satisfaction of creating a beautiful photograph, and that it brings pleasure into other people’s lives.

Jeff Clarke

Jeff Clarke, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Photography
My best times in the darkroom are when a storm is raging outside or on dark winter afternoons because I’m less tempted to be outside shooting. When printing I still feel the magical excitement I felt the first time I made a print, watching it slowly appear in the amber light. The finished black and white image is the culmination of my entire experience.