Steve Clark

Steven Clark, VT Painter, Frog Hollow Artist
The Vermont landscape has been my main subject for quite sometime with its barns, cows and mountains. But for me it is the clouds that have made painting landscapes so much fun.

Rita Masso

Rita Masso, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Painting
I love to paint. I feel we all need to develop our own individual creativity. I had forgotten all about myself. No woman should do that, But I had to have all the clean floors... Now my husband cleans, and I just paint, and I'm very happy.

Joan Drew

Joan Drew, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Painting
I work on site, or from my own photos, so I have a good sense of the place, and my subject. My goal is to convey to you, the viewer, my feelings and excitement about my subject.

Deborah Holmes

Deborah Holmes, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Painting
I have drawn and painted since childhood. It is simply what I like to do best. I never set out to become "an artist", but it has become my way of making a living. I paint on a daily basis in my studio, or when it’s warm enough, on location. Painting on the spot is the most fun because it’s all right there - the smells, the noise, the shifting light, the bugs, the grass tickling my ankles, and you’ve got to capture it before it changes or disappears.

Anna Vreman

Anna Vreman, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Painting
When creating my colorful paintings of the Vermont landscape, I use my memories and photos of places I have seen along with a healthy dose of imagination. My intention is always to capture how I feel about what I see – the actual arrangement of buildings, trees, hills and such is not as important. I especially like to play with the colors of the sky, mountains, and water on Lake Champlain.

Woody Jackson

Woody Jackson, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Painting
All my artwork has always been inspired by the land, from apple orchards, vegetables gardens, New Mexico deserts, dairy farms, and even the New York City waterfront. The land in turn is changed and inspired by time and the seasons. The light is different through the day and month to month.

Kevin Ruelle

Kevin Ruelle, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Painting
I wanted to paint the Vermont that everyone was nostalgic for. I created these Faux Vintage Travel posters using the airbrush and watercolor style from the Art Deco era.