Bud Shriner

Philosophically I attempt to celebrate Spirit in its manifestations, to reflect in some small way Nature's expression of our Universe. The atmosphere of creation surrounds and envelops us and it is ours from which to breathe deeply.

Gabriel Cole

Gabe Cole, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Glass
I can be technically proficient or more free to how the glass flows. I am always exploring new colors and styles and looking for where I can take it next. I see no end in sight.

Maddalena Michetti

Maddalena Michetti, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Glass
The “Inner Gardens” line was born during a particularly gloomy Vermont winter. She needed to create something that would add some color to the black, white and grey world outside. She started using glass shapes to form recognizable or imaginary flowers.

Michael Egan

Michael Egan, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Glass
I love to make glass, anything, anytime, anyway possible. I make work that has secrets and surprises, almost hidden details that require the viewer to interact with the piece, turning it over in their hands then finding something beautiful.