Heather Stearns

Heather Stearns, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Pottery
The first time I saw someone using the potter’s wheel, I was drawn by the seemingly effortless dance of moving the clay, the perfect mixture of strength and subtle movements that could grow a lump of earth into a vessel that could be sent into the everyday lives of people.

Georgia Landau

Georgia Landau, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Jewelry, VT Pottery
My work is inspired by human and animal forms and personalities. Whether functional, (teapots, vases, butter dishes, and boxes), or purely sculptural, hand-building gives me the opportunity to treat each piece as an individual being, with life and character.

Jeremy Ayers

Jeremy Ayers
When my hands are in clay, I feel more connected to the earth and connected to a long tradition of potters. It is such a simple material, but it can be transformed into objects of real beauty. i enjoy the simplicity and singularity of clay.